ERP Leads: Make Your Approach More Personal

Published: 19th March 2012
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The complex nature of ERP software automatically indicates that it seeks to serve a multitude of purposes within a business. These range from the mere payroll system you see workers line up for to the sophisticated dashboard of a Business Intelligence application, a tool that can only be seen from the desk of the high ranking CEO.

However, with such a wide array of services and functions, it can be hard to discuss all of them when sparking the interest of prospect. As much as it's good that your firm supplies such powerful, streamlining software, that power can come at the cost of your lead generation campaign.

The cost though is necessary because a successful sale can only mean prosperity for your firm. Still, how is it that such powerful software technology can cripple your capacity to get prospects interested? The answer lies in that in the communication process.

First, make a quick review on the most popular and viable methods out there for software companies. Normally, you'll find email marketing, website creation, SEO, and even social media as popular suggestions. These are all well and good. In fact, they're even quite befitting for a software company because their digital orientation.

Be warned however, this is where the multitude of features can pose as a difficulty. How are you going to pack all that information into a single website? Are you really sure you want to dedicate your entire marketing effort to contain all the information within a simple website? Given that ERP software is more often than not an entire package of other applications (much like computer operating systems), you might even end up having to make a different site for each of them! Sure with a website, it's doable but how about an email? How are your going to pack in and summarize all that in a single letter without boring your prospect?

On the other hand, you might wonder what role does simplicity even play in all this. Well the truth is that simplicity can save the life of your lead generation plan. Do remember that the particular individuals your leads actually represent are quite the busybodies. They don't have time to surf your site, no matter how well-made it looks. There's no telling either if all it's ever going to give them is an inconsiderate overdose of information.

What your marketing strategy needs is to be more personal. Reach out to each individual representative and determine if there are any specific problems that your products can help them with. Once you've researched that, start contacting them and carefully begin a dialogue.

Frankly, this is something where email is more likely to stumble. The spam filter is your worst enemy, making it uncertain if a client is even aware that you sent them anything. If you want a more direct and flexible means of communication, give telemarketing a try.

Believe it or not, software telemarketing is perfect for a B2B business like ERP software. Given that the lifestyles of decision makers and executives can differ greatly from average consumers, it takes remarkably different set of professional skill to communicate. These skills are from something you'd expect from stereotypical phone sales man. They're careful. They're not about selling but simply talking things over. The experienced ones even come with a very hefty database that they can pursue to help get you more qualified leads!

So if you still don't want to risk the passive approach of internet advertising, be more active and personal by outsourcing your lead generation to telemarketers today.

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